News from the Round Table

The Algonquin Chiang Mai

An invitation-only social club for creatives in Chiang Mai Thailand

Founded by friends as a stylish escape from the crowd, the Algonquin is  a unique hidden venue with a bespoke modern Northern Thai design. It is for cultured, curious, creatives who want a place to reflect their style. The Algonquin convenes in the spirit of the The Algonquin Round Table, which refers to a place, a group, a sensibility, and an era. It is where tastemakers spent leisurely lunches in conversations defined by a wit that stood against dullness, conformity and mediocrity.

It is a sensibility of gaiety and optimism that rejects the superficiality of social and broadcast media. We believe that authentic human connection is incomparable to a text, and a genuine laugh is ultimately more satisfying than a “like.” The Algonquin is where important introductions are made and inspiring ideas are shared.

For more on the Algonquin’s mission, values and philosophy, please visit the club’s website.

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